As a parent, it’s important that you’re well-informed about your child’s dental health and know what you can do to keep your child’s teeth healthy. Here are a few questions you should ask during your child’s first visit with our Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines & Centennial CO pediatric dentistry practice.

What can I do to keep my child’s teeth healthy?
Getting a few tips on how to keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong is always a good idea, so be sure to ask. We can provide you with some helpful hints that can help make your child want to take good care of his or her dental health.

Do you have any advice on how I can get my child to want to brush and floss?
If your child is reluctant to brush and floss, your pediatric dentist can give you some tips on how to make tooth brushing and flossing fun and something your child wants to do.

What can I do to make sure my young child doesn’t develop baby bottle tooth decay?
Your pediatric dentist can give you some tips on how you can prevent baby bottle tooth decay so your child doesn’t develop this common problem that can lead to rapid decay associated with prolonged nursing.

What should I do If my child has a dental emergency?
Of course you want to know how to get in touch with your pediatric dentist in case your child has some type of an emergency after-hours. Your dentist will tell you what types of problems require emergency room visits and provide you with some tips for handling problems which aren’t quite so urgent.

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An important part of children’s dentistry is making sure parents are informed of proper dental hygiene and how to prevent serious dental health concerns. If you have any questions about how to care for your child’s oral health, please contact us as we’re always here to help! If it’s time for your child to visit the dentist, please schedule an appointment with us today Highlands Ranch or Lone Tree dental offices! We look forward to seeing you and your child in our Highlands Ranch or Castle Pines pediatric dentist office soon where we love caring for our patient’s oral health!