Sometimes dentists can get a bad reputation among kids for being scary, which only makes it more difficult for parents to actually get their kids to behave and cooperate when it’s time for their regularly scheduled check up. Here at Colorado Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we’re here to let you know that it doesn’t need to be difficult to get your kids comfortable with the dentist. Here’s our quick guide on the best ways to help your kids get used to going to the dentist, and actually find it an enjoyable experience!

Establish Expectations For Visits To The Dentist
One of the worst things that you can do is try to trick your kids into going to the dentist. In a kids’ mind, getting promised that they’re going out for ice cream and ending up at the dentist is high up on the disappointment scale. So how do you get them to get in the car to go to their appointment? Just talk to them.

Sitting down with your kids and talking to them about the dentist, why they need to take care of their teeth, and what the dentist is going to do at their appointment will help them know what they’re going to be getting into. Tricking them only causes them to have a pre-set negative opinion of the dentist. Getting them to understand why they’re going to dentist, they can realize for themselves that the dentist is there to help them and make them feel better.

Have Your Kids Talk To The Dentist
Also, we highly recommend having your kids sit down with their own dentist. That way, your kids can ask all of the questions they have directly to their dentist. This 1-on-1 conversation will help make your kids feel more comfortable, knowing that they can voice all of their questions and concerns to their dentist at any of their appointments.

Find A Place Where Your Child Feels Comfortable
When you’re looking for the right pediatric dentist for your kids, remember that you’re also looking for a dentist that you want them to grow up with. If you can find a place that your kids are comfortable at initially, you can bet that they’ll be comfortable going there for their appointments as they get older.

So how do you find the right place? Make sure that you consider the overall feeling your kids will get from the office and staff. Look for an office that feels welcoming and comfortable as soon as you walk in, and the staff makes sure that you and your kids are taken care of. Also, make sure that the doctors meet with your kids to ensure that they’re comfortable and have their questions answered.

H2> Help Them Maintain Good Oral Health
When it comes to going to the dentist, it’s much easier when your kids are in good oral health. If they have cavities or dental issues, they’re going to need more treatment, which means more time at the dentist. Even if your kids love being at the dentist, no kid should be at the dentist for longer than they need to be. Make sure that you work with the dentist to help your kids establish a comprehensive and complete oral hygiene routine, and that you take them to their regular appointments. If they are in good oral health, all they’ll have to sit through is their regular cleaning and check-up and they’ll be on their way, without the need for things like fillings, so they can get back to being a kid.

Contact Your Local Pediatric Dentist
If you have any questions or concerns about your kids being afraid of the dentist, just contact us at Colorado Kids Pediatric Dentistry. We have two local pediatric dental offices, proudly working with families and kids from Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, and the surrounding areas. Our team of friendly doctors and experienced staff can help you get your kids on the path to good oral health while making them feel completely comfortable. If you’re looking for the perfect pediatric dentist office for you kids, just book an appointment with us Highlands Ranch or Lone Tree dental offices, bring your kids, and experience the Colorado Kids Pediatric Dentistry difference!