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The talented pediatric dentists at Colorado Kids Pediatric Dentistry in both Highlands Ranch & Castle Pines, CO provide exceptional dental care for children throughout Douglas County, including Centennial, Littleton and Parker, CO. Our dentists, Drs. Lisa Fox, Kathleen Waguespack, and Shreya Ruxmohan, deliver quality results you can rely on. Specializing in early dental care and offering premier general treatment options as well as specialized services like sedation dentistry, our pediatric dentists have a solution well suited for your child.

Aside from regular pediatric dental check-ups, a big part of ensuring that your child maintains his or her dental health and oral hygiene involves understanding different aspects of your child’s teeth and mouth as they develop. Below, you will find information on teeth provided by your child’s Highlands Ranch and Castle Pines pediatrics dentists for their benefit.

Learn About Your Teeth From Our Highlands Ranch & Castle Pines Pediatric Dentists

Throughout your life, you will have two sets of teeth: baby teeth and permanent teeth. The baby teeth first appear around six to eight months of age, and all 20 are in place by age three.

Permanent teeth will begin to grow around age six, and with the exception of wisdom teeth, are all present between the ages of 12 and 14. The next teeth to grow in are the 12-year molars, and finally, the wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth typically begin breaking through from age 17 and on. The total number of permanent teeth is 32, though few people have room for all 32 teeth, which is why wisdom teeth are usually removed.

Your front teeth are called incisors. The sharp “fang-like” teeth are canines. The next side teeth are referred to as pre-molars or bicuspids, and the back teeth are molars. Your permanent teeth are the ones you keep for life, so it is important that they are brushed and flossed regularly and that periodic check-ups by a dentist are followed.

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